6 Interior Design to Transform Your Home

A home is the sanctuary for our very existence. However, it is not just the bricks or the paints that make the stony architecture our confinements. Rather, it’s the things we keep in it, the structures we choose to incorporate in the interiors and the warmth that emanates from each corner of a house that gives us a sense of belonging to this eternal refuge.

And for this reason, a lot of people are employing interior designers to bring in elements of safety and warmth through carefully designed interiors. Interior designing is the art of facilitating a healthier, calmer and happier state of mind within the confinements of the walls by including elements that can infuse life into the dull and repulsive areas in your house. Here are some clever ideas to jazz up your home interiors.

Accent Walls

Accent walls play the role of the instant attention grabber, no matter which room they are added to in your house. This particular wall design makes an out-of-league impression with its unique architectural features. Plus, they are a superb way to break the monotonous look of single colored rooms. There is no dearth of options to select while opting for accent walls. One can experiment with different textures, patterns and color combinations depending on one’s tastes and interests. Installing photo frames, shelves or wall hangings will add a different angle to your accent walls and make them the center of attention in the room.

Window Seat


Windows are like the eyes of the house. Having a place near a large window where you can read, relax and spend your day is no less than a luxury. You can easily create this cozy little space by placing comfortable chairs or a couch near the window. Deck the seating with comfy cushions and your ideal me-time place is ready. If you want a place for that much needed afternoon nap, place a tiny bed near the window.This will give you an extra place for a sleepover and also it will help you relax just by looking out of the window.

Green Indoors


If you find a place too dull in your house, place an indoor plant to change the energy of that particular space. Plants breathe out oxygen and are good for calming frantic nerves. They make your days brighter and magically make you stress-free. Having a few indoor plants inside the house gets rid of any negative energy in your home and makes the atmosphere more pleasing. The best locations to place your indoor plants are at the corners of the living room, outside the bedroom and near the windows.

Modern Furniture


The furniture plays a key role in giving your home a particular feel. If your home is decked up in old styled furniture for too long, replacing it with chic looking modern furniture will definitely give a fresh new look to your house. Opt for bold unusual colors in your furniture to add a colorful brilliance to your living space. Look for creative elements in the furniture to make them stand out such as fine detailing and marble finish.

Geometric Patterns

Mural Wallpaper

Shelves, small wardrobes, drawers and even small furniture in geometric shapes would add a wonderful contrast to sleek looking rooms. Homes with less space can benefit from geometrically shaped shelves and furniture pieces as the different shapes can be utilized to save space in small rooms. This also gives a unique look to the interiors and lends a distinct look to the other features of your home. Photo frames in geometric shapes can be added to accent walls to beautify your house.

Vintage Decor


If you wish to give your house a timeless look, try bringing in vintage elements in your house. To make the rooms more electrifying and divine, incorporate a little bit of the vintage essence in your interior designs and then see the magic.This can be easily done by choosing antique furniture pieces in unusual color schemes. Display your cherished collection of family photos in black and white theme on one of the accent walls to give the space a timeless appeal. Another brilliant way to lend vintage charm to your interior space is by choosing your lighting in vintage designs. This can totally transform the look of your house and make space look simple yet modish.


Author Bio: Amanda is a working woman, What started out as a hobby became her passion, Interior designing became her full time job. Her career as a Designer is going all well, At present she is working with Such And Such. She has been very keen on helping people out and plan out their dream home, Her motto is “No Dream Is Too Big, No Dreamer Too Small”.

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