Hottest Home Design Trends for 2019

Ah, that wonderful feeling of turning a new leaf at the beginning of a brand new year! One chapter closes, another one opens, and we set our intentions for the months ahead while shaking off the negative energy from the year past. And what better way to shake things up than with a little home remodeling?! Nothing signals “new year, new me” more than a gorgeously redesigned space that breathes fresh air into your living environment! It’s truly amazing how transformative a sparkly coat of paint and a little de-cluttering can feel (if you haven’t tuned into “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” yet on Netflix, you are seriously missing out!).

That said, we all know redesigning an interior can be pretty pricey—especially for those with expensive tastes and big budgets. When deciding what luxurious bedding to buy, or which sliding closet doors to install, you want to make sure you select an aesthetic that will withstand the test of time—not something you’ll have to redo in a few months when the fad fizzles out (see ya later, furry toilet seat covers!).

Here are the top home design trends for 2019 that are sure to stick around well through this year and beyond!

  • Rustic Rooms

We know 2019 is all about that sleek, modern look, but when remodeling in the winter, all that metal can feel a bit cold. Rustic style, on the other hand, continues to offer that well-loved, warm old-school charm. The homey appeal of a farmhouse aesthetic is sure to create a cozy environment while snow blankets the ground outside! And trust us, the warm and simple vibe will stick around long after the snow melts.

A farmhouse usually has large, open windows to bring in natural light, but you can emulate this trick in your modern bedroom by installing big glass panels for the same effect. If window installation isn’t within your budget, try to find a rustic piece of oak furniture—it’s the perfect mission for budget-friendly treasure hunters at the next swap meet!

  • Backyard Oasis

Maybe you’re focused less on the chilly winter and are instead eager for the sunny, summer months to return. If you get a jump on your outdoor renovations now, you’ll enjoy your space the moment the first sunny day rolls back around! Looking for a timeless feature that may complement your NYE resolutions quite well? Try a patio hammock remodel!

Make some time for peace of mind and check in with yourself as you sway back and forth on your new hammock installation. Mental health should always be top priority, and hanging a hammock is a great way to create a calm and private space in your home that’s perfect for recharging after a long week. Plus, it’s a creative design project! Find a hammock that matches your landscaping and watch your worries melt away. Bonus points if you install a water fountain nearby!

  • Home Office Upgrades

Did you make a goal to be more productive this year? Then what better excuse to design a home office! Whether you’re a mom who works from home or a dad whose business extends past work hours, an ergonomically-sound, dedicated home office can make productivity levels soar.

The trick here is hitting the right blend of form and functionality. For example, the best office chairs should blend harmoniously with the space, but they should also be able to swivel 360-degrees, rock back and forth, and adjust to your hip height. Standing desks lend a sleek, minimalist aesthetic, but will you hate it when you’re trying to meet a deadline in the wee hours of the morning? Probably.

Whatever direction you decide to take your home office in, be sure to save your receipts—you may be able to deduct your home office expenses on your tax return, including a portion of your monthly mortgage and utility bill! The same applies for energy-efficient home improvements, as well. You might be able to deduct a portion of these qualifying costs on your tax return. You can go green, remodel your home, and potentially save some money all in 2019! As an added bonus, should you ever decide to sell your home in the future, a home office and energy-efficient features can dramatically increase the value of your home.

From the latest bathroom ideas to full kitchen remodels, we have all the inspiration you need to take on your design project!

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