40+ Gorgeous DIY Headboard Ideas You’ll Want to Try

DIY Headboard Ideas – Your bedroom needs to be your safe house– a place for you to relax, unwind and get a terrific night’s sleep. In some cases that implies a new mattress and sometimes, it simply boils down to having a terrific headboard.

Instead of heading out to the furnishings store to purchase a new headboard, you can make one yourself. We’ve got a fantastic collection of 40 Do It Yourself headboards and some of them are so easy that you can have them completed by bedtime.

unique diy headboard ideas

The very best part is that the majority of these are really economical and some can be made from things that you have just lying around your house.

Imagine a fantastic brand-new bedroom after just a few hours and without any cash out of pocket! In fact, don’t just picture it. Check out our excellent collection and make one of these headboards on your own. We’ve got something in here for everybody as well as a couple of for the kids. Prepare yourself for the dreamiest of all bedrooms when you make these Do It Yourself headboards.

DIY Headboard Ideas

Old Door Headboard

simple diy headboard ideas

An old salvaged door makes a stunning headboard and while other wooden headboards might run you numerous dollars, you can develop this excellent DIY version for about 25 bucks. You will need to saw the door down to the size you need then add some chair rail molding and a little paint and you wind up with a beautiful wood headboard that is completely adjustable.

What’s so terrific is that you can make this one in less than a day and you can paint it to perfectly match the other furnishings in your space. Plus, it’s really cheap so that’s a great point, too.

Cedar Fence Picket Headboard

own headboard diy headboard ideas

Cedar fence is an excellent product for making a headboard. Even if you do not have any fencing on hand, you can make this lovely headboard for about $25 depending upon where you acquire the cedar pickets. You will likewise wish to pick a stain color or just sheer coat it if you love the appearance of cedar.

You will need to sand it down quite a bit since these are rough cedar fence pickets and you certainly don’t wish to be getting splinters in bed. In general, this is an actually easy headboard to make and for less than $30, you simply can’t beat the rate. It’s likewise gorgeous and makes a really vibrant declaration.

Do It Yourself Tufted Headboard

inexpensive diy headboard ideas

For less than $100, you can create a lovely tufted headboard that is soft and shaped however you want. You will have to choose your shape initially and after that make sure that you have fabric and some foam on hand to produce the headboard. You’ll cut the shape from plywood and after that cover that with foam (like from an eggshell mattress cover) and after that cover once again with fabric. The embellishments are totally approximately you and the best part is that even with no of the products, this one will cost less than $100. If you have a couple of things on hand, we’re betting you can make it for less than $50.

Do It Yourself Instructions and Job Credit– Thriftydecorchick

Upholstered otomi headboard

diy easy headboard pinterest

Terrific designs can be attained also with low-cost products and techniques. The condition is to get the good ideas from things you like then transpose them into your own development. There isn’t really a limitation for what is stunning and exactly what is not as long as you like it and fits to your interior. This original headboard was made from a particular fabric, called the otomi material. It is hand made by the otomi Indians of main Mexico and in its design are figured animals that appear to dance around.

Rustic Pallet Headboard

hgtv diy headboard ideas

Pallets are frequently handed out at home improvement shops, lumber yards or even flea markets and you can use those free pallets to develop a gorgeous rustic looking headboard. The number of pallets you need actually depends upon the shape of the pallets that you use. You need to anticipate to have a couple of incidents if you are using older pallets so have at least two on hand when you begin.

You will also need 2X4s for framing, nuts and bolts to hold it all together and your stain of choice. All in all, you should be able to construct this for less than $20.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit– Ricedesignblog

Monogrammed Fabric Headboard

great diy headboard ideas

A wood base, some product left over from other jobs and a little imagination will allow you to develop this beautiful monogrammed headboard. You simply need to cover the wood base with material and staple it down. Then simply include your monogram in whatever material you want.

You could likewise paint it on with fabric paint. Make sure to print off the monogram from your computer to utilize as a design template (it’s less expensive than purchasing stencils) then use it nevertheless you select. This is a truly beautiful headboard that is personalized to make it extra-special.

Do It Yourself Recommendations and Job Credit– Heavenstobetsyblog

Buttoned Down Headboard

diy twin headboard ideas

This Do It Yourself headboard is charming with buttons to match the material cover however what makes it actually special are the two sides that become the bed just a little. It’s distinct and really easy to make. All you require is some plywood, your material of choice and some rather large buttons to match.

You’ll desire something under the material to make it extra cushiony. The style makes it appear like a daybed or couch, which is actually cool. You just cover and tack or staple into location and you can cut the plywood for any size so it doesn’t matter what size your bed is, you can make this headboard for it.

Do It Yourself Instructions and Job Credit– Sarahmdorseydesigns

Faux Tiled Headboard

diy tufted headboard ideas

If you desire a headboard that is cheap, simple to make and really distinct, this faux tile headboard fits the bill. The cool thing is that these tiles are foam and they cost less than $5 in lots of online stores. You just mount them with mounting tape and you can paint them whatever color you want.

If you are trying to find a great metal tile appearance, just spray them with spray paint that will give them a fantastic hammered metal look. White looks stunning and the very best thing is (aside from how inexpensive and simple it is to produce, that is) they are foam so they’re actually comfortable. You understand, in case you bang your head on them.

Do It Yourself Instructions and Project Credit– Sweetcsdesigns

Painted Floral Headboard

diy shutter headboard ideas

If you already have a plain wooden headboard and you just wish to dress it up a little, painting it is an outstanding idea. You will need to sand it first to guarantee that it’s nice and smooth and after that add a water base sealant. Paint whatever you like on it however we think that these florals are definitely spectacular and this would be a great task for an extra bed room.

Picture how terrific your visitors will feel when they wake up on this bed every morning. Just get some stencils or freehand it, however you wish to go.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Bhg

Sweet Dreams Headboard

diy shabby chic headboard ideas

Old picture frames and restored lumber were become a personalized headboard for a little lady’s bedroom. “Sweet dreams” was spelled out and each letter was embellished with flowers. Create your very own personalized message or spell out your kid’s name.

Fireplace Mantel Headboard

diy rustic headboard ideas

This vintage-chic headboard was made from an old fireplace mantel with a tufted upholstered insert.

Picket Fence Headboard

diy queen headboard ideas

This rustic-chic headboard was made from an old picket fence. The pickets were cut up into little pieces, cleaned then refinished in a couple of different stains. Then the pieces were suited a frame made from more weathered lumber.

It’s Not Metal Headboard

diy pallet headboard ideas

This industrial-style headboard is constructed of PVC pipelines that were painted silver. Twine was strung in between the pipes, then clothespins were added to display vintage postcards. The next picture shows another version of this exact same headboard.

Cruise Off to Sleep Headboard

diy painted headboard ideas

PVC pipelines painted silver make this bed frame appear like metal. A piece of a boat sail is extended throughout the frame thanks to the addition of grommets and rope.

He Wishes It Was His Bed Headboard

diy padded headboard ideas

The slatted headboard on this platform bed leans back just enough to make it really simple to stay up and read or watch TELEVISION in bed.

Home Style Headboard

diy old headboard ideas

We modeled this headboard from one we saw in a popular home-decor brochure. It is very easy to develop– standard-size lumber is fastened to a large piece of plywood, then the whole piece is painted white.

Statuesque and Upholstered

diy modern headboard ideas

Create a dramatic centerpiece by bringing your headboard up to the ceiling.

Picture Frame Headboard

diy mirror headboard ideas

Salvaged slabs are lined up to make a headboard with a household image mounted in the center. The picture can quickly be switched out to match decor changes.

Rustic Design Headboard

diy masculine headboard ideas

This wooden headboard was used standard tongue-and-groove construction. We distressed it, then offered it a weathered barn-wood finish, however it could be painted or stained any color.

Enchanted Forest Headboard

diy little girl headboard ideas

To make this lovely women’ bed, an old thrift shop headboard was painted white. Then branches were also painted white and attached to the headboard. The branches were then embellished with pretty birds, ribbons and glitter.

Twinkle, Twinkle Headboard

diy leather headboard ideas

Holiday lights are used to create a built-in night-light in a little kid’s bed room. Glow-in-the-dark stars accompany the moonlight for some additional sparkle.

T-Shirt Collection Headboard

diy ideas for a headboard

Kids typically have a difficult time parting with their preferred Tee shirts after they’ve outgrown them. Usage old T-shirts, sport jerseys or old blankets to develop a collage of color over your kid’s bed.

Homemade Slipcover Headboard

diy headboard shelf ideas

An old wood headboard is draped with an affordable canvas ground cloth. The drop cloth is held on by ribbons connected at each side. To offer the slipcover a shabby-chic look, we put a piece of old handmade crewelwork in the center of the drop cloth.

Duct Tape Headboard

diy headboard project ideas

Colorful duct tape is twisted around a huge piece of cardboard to make this racy kids’ headboard. This is an affordable and easy job to make with your kids. No power tools are needed, and kids can use their imagination to the fullest.

Headboard from salvaged products

diy headboard ideas youtube

The very first task is recognized from scrap products salvaged from a burn pile. The main item is an old door paired magnificently with a classic gate taken from a waste dump. The arrangement took a bit of imagination and spray paint and the result is like a crown for the king-size bed. Now, can you envision your very own “sleeping throne”.

Metal headboard

diy headboard ideas wood

This one is actually basic, however innovative. Who understood that metal roofing could be so stylish? This special headboard gets a rustic, but yet glossy attractive feel. It was possible by cutting into this shape a piece of corrugated tin. This common, traditional texture of the material can be recognized, however this $30 headboard is anything but normal. found on Kara Paslay.

Old door headboard

diy headboard ideas with lights

A set of recovered old doors include a tremendous visual weight to this dreamy bedroom. The airy bed room is boosted by plenty of natural light and white painted walls. Also into the space can be found other classic elements beginning with the shimmering chandelier. .

Original headboard using store indications.

diy headboard ideas with fabric

This tasks shows the diversity of product you can utilize to produce an original headboard. This one is understood with a reclaimed convenience store sign that looks as good as new and a stunning eye-catching background for a daybed. The style provided by the indication is not whatever to this space however its historical significance makes its owner to nearly taste those times.

Indian headboard project

diy headboard ideas upholstered

This hand carved Indian Rosewood screen found at a flea market includes texture to the interior and an asian touch to the bed room. Hand crafted objects have a lot more worth and it develops a connection in between the two persons involved. The four-panel screen fits perfectly above the king-size bed.

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Natural Wood Headboard

diy headboard ideas uk

In this contemporary loft bedroom with white walls and contemporary home appliances the missing piece to a total interior can be this a natural aspect. This old wood board includes a natural touch and heats up the soulless industrial-looking area.

Attractiving headboard

diy headboard ideas storage

In this little studio apartment is quite difficult to develop a centerpiece, however this guy handled to create it by utilizing 1-1/2-inch MDF pieces protected to 2 strips of iron. In this manner he produced a striking headboard that extends all the way to the ceiling to produce a visual interest and to redefine the space. I can imagine that this couldn’t cost very much, precisely how we want it: cool and low-cost!

Shutter Headboard

diy headboard ideas queen beds

Depending on your interior setting you can fit just some parts and aspects. A cool method to produce a headboard that kind of goes anywhere is with these incomplete shutters. This brings a bit of texture into the space among decorative letters and pillows.

Headboard from pallets

diy headboard ideas pinterest

Probably the most basic headboard ever can be found in this space. The combination of brilliant colors in the walls and the bare wood pallets from the construction sector is rather interesting and unique. You wouldn’t anticipate the combination of navy blue-and-white stripes painted in the closet, green walls and such a basic wood frame at the headboard and the two wooden nightstands in a natural surface. .

Headboard from old bard window

diy headboard ideas on pinterest

This intriguing headboard is from an old barn window. The product was modified to fit completely into the design. The square glass pieces were first painted and after that with a special technique it became mirror. The frame is painted black to contrast with the white on the surrounding walls. So in this case country goes modern.

Headboard from white fence

diy headboard ideas on a budget

This garden-inspired bedroom has as a headboard from a conventional white fence. This unique item is coupled with sunny yellow walls and the nation side bedding. Overall the room gets a fresh spring feel, an ideal way to obtain up in the early morning unwinded, with the batteries charged, ready for another day.

Do It Yourself headboard with shelves from a old door

diy headboard ideas king beds

The next project of DIY headboard features an appealing door form an old furniture piece. As a benefit, it has a small shelve above. Great for all sorts of ornamental things. As we can see the room’s theme contain also another terrific antique piece of bed stand. Matching lights on each side of the bed complement the stage for an elegant sleeping. found on S Interior decoration.

A rustic turuoise headboard

diy headboard ideas in front of window

Cleary, a wooden headboard includes style, comfort and a warm feeling to any bedroom. A blue-green wooden headboard adds a lot more. The bold relocation includes a lively note to the space, already embellished in a specific theme. It’s cheap and vibrant and I think it matches effectively a young couple.

Cover with fabrics


Another possibility of design if you currently have an old headboard is to cover it up with fabrics, or combinations of material and basic paint. This headboard is covered in a basic material and adds an interesting note to the space. discovered on Holly Mathis.

Headboard custom-made look

diy headboard ideas for queen beds

This bed room setting is best. The brick work is magnificently exposed and improved with best white sheets and a matching headboard. It is made from a basic canvas board. The low cost procedure took a standard canvas board and embellished it with nail head trim. This no sew project has the exact same appearance as an upholstered designer headboard.

White decal for headboard

diy headboard ideas for master bedroom

This projects it’s so easy to make it doesn’t need any kind of instructions. You can easily place a stark white decal to contrast with the truly strong color on the wall in a lively space. With this basic directions, only the sky is the limit. My personal opinion is that this looks like a big red barn, spirited though and very vibrant. discovered on Vanessa De Vargas.

Upholstered Nailhead Trim Headboard

diy headboard ideas for king size beds

Similar like the one presented above this headboard is a really easy project to do in your spare time. Building this nail head trim headboard enables you to pick exactly the material you want from the regional Home Depot. The outcome is beautiful and produces and fascinating contrast with the environment. discovered on popsugar.

Do It Yourself headboard from folding closet doors

diy headboard ideas for king beds

A cool way to produce an headboard is with folding closet doors and garnished with decorative paper pasted into middle and protected to the wall. I bet that this is extremely basic to construct and if you have all the products around the house, if not try your grandmother’s attic.

Use big pictures to produce distinct headboards

diy headboard ideas for full beds

One of my preferred ways to achieve a modern bed room is like in this case over here. Take a large piece of art work and put it behind your bed. It’s that basic. Choose a picture that matches your decoration and you can provide your space character extremely easy.

Bold colors for headboard

diy headboard ideas for daybeds

Until now, we had all sorts of bed rooms but not a single kids’s bed room. This project includes 2 small beds with two fantastic looking headboards. An actually strong color and pattern stimulates the place, making the kid’s room spirited, capturing their attention and interest. .

Do It Yourself a beafutiful headboard from plates

diy headboard ideas fabric covered headboard

An extremely fascinating concept of a headboard is this task. This collection of plates was discovered on a flea market and provided the concept to fix up the bed with a really small amount of money. If you enjoy that kind of thing, take this into consideration, since undoubtedly the outcome is wonderful. .

Blackboard paint headboard

diy headboard ideas fabric

A tremendous Do It Yourself HeadBoard job is represented by this one, here. It’s easy to construct but you may require particular special materials like the chalkboard paint. The item consists of a wood cutout, painted with the chalkboard paint, a dustless chalk to write and draw daily whatever you believe is necessary, and a good vintage shape. It couldn’t turn much better! .

Restored barnwood headboard

diy headboard ideas easy

This one over here, was born with the requirement of a headboard. Some leftover oak boards rapidly became the main “component” to a significant product. The procedure of cutting some wood boards, screwing some supporting aspects in it and some clear spray paint isn’t that difficult to do. The result, as you can see produces a focal point over the bed and stimulates the bed room. found on designsponge.

Fabic headboard

diy headboard ideas door

I wager nobody attempted this at home. This dazzling idea of developing a headboard that isn’t really a headboard occurred in the lack of not having some scrap material to make a real one. The jobs consists in taking a piece of fabric, cut it in any shape you like, use liquid starch, so it ends up being detachable then iron the board straight on the wall. The outcome is amazing, you get the appearance of a proper upholstered headboard. .

DIY Tufted Headboard

diy headboard ideas cheap

This job took 6 hours to finish and for under 100 dollars is the best tufted headboard I have actually ever seen. It needs a bit more products like foam, plywood, a few bolts and some fabric but the resulting piece completely worth it. Just look at it! It looks like effectively an actually pricey leather sofa, and the contrast is wonderful. .

Turn your mantel fireplace into a headboard

diy headboard ideas apartment therapy

There are more methods to create a headboard that you might ever picture. This one for instance is made from mantelpiece. Usually destined for a fireplace this uncommon item is now dealing with an entire new “job description”. Not just the concept looks fascinating but the original worn finish of the mantel too. .

Headboard with ikea furntiure

diy headboard ideas

The next job, although the Mandal is from Ikea is still a Do It Yourself. This product was used for a somewhat different function, other that is was made for. So, stacked high against the wall this is a legit headboard with shelves for books and other decorative things. It fits completely in the space, thanks to other wood parts and products.

Chalkboard headboard

diy headboard design ideas

This is as easy as it looks. Simply take an old huge chalkboard with a great wood frame and use it as a headboard. The really cool aspect of it, is that every day it might look various thanks the space used to draw funny things or write messages. In this way, you change your bed room in an enjoyable location, with altering moods, depending upon how you’re feeling at any given minute.

Bold headboard fabrics

diy headboard decorating ideas

If your bed has actually gone naked for too long and you think it’s time for some kind of headboard you can decide to make a soft one, to delight in raiding it. Whatever the interior and the bed size, a great bold print will absolutely spice things up. The entire task can’t take long to finish and so you can try out your very own concepts until you get what you like.

Old door headboard

diy headboard and footboard ideas

As we revealed earlier doors are a typical encounter in lots of headboard jobs. Extremely often old doors are made from difficult wood and extremely resistive through years. That is why people utilize them a lot, however no door resembles other and every task is various. The main idea is to look excellent and to be affordable, the rest is delegated your creativity. .

Mirror headboard

diy full size headboard ideas

A headboard constructed out from an old mirror is hardly something new, but it has its benefits. Shows light, and in a small place could be a great thing, and because it reflects anything it does not develop a centerpiece, giving in the same time a sense of height and space into the environment.


Amazing DIY Headboard

This is a very simple and fun project. All you need is a simple wood frame. All you need is carefully drill some holes around the edges and then use rope to create a random pattern. It’s so simple and the result is so interesting. You can choose whatever color of rope you want. It would be even more interesting to use two or more colors for contrast. There’s no real pattern here. Just follow your instinct and create a random criss-cross pattern. Just take a piece of rope, make a knot on one end, introduce it through a random hole and then pull the other end until you can knot it again.

Mantel Moulding Headboard

diy vintage headboard ideas

This mantel headboard was influenced by Pottery Barn’s Addison Headboard. Instead of buying it however, you can just make it yourself. It features loads of moulding which makes it really elegant and you can paint or stain it whatever color you wish to match the rest of your bedroom design.

The very best part is you can make this for about 1/5 of the cost of Pottery Barn’s version and if you occur to have some moulding left over from house enhancement tasks, you can make it for nothing. Even if you have to buy the materials, you are still escaping loads more affordable than purchasing.

Do It Yourself Instructions and Project Credit– Ana-white

Well, you’ve seen it! These are the most interesting DIY headboard ideas and projects. All you have to do now is to take all these wonderful ideas and to put them in your own project. By the way, which one do you like the most?
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DIY HeadBoard Ideas

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