20+ Exotic Dark Living Room Design Ideas

Dark colors are taken into consideration gloomy as well as not very emotional. Yet these dark living-room layouts are fashionable, stylish as well as relaxing. Dark rooms can be carried out in almost any kind of style: elegant art-deco, calm Scandinavian, gloomy masculine, strict minimal.

Black, dark grey, dark off-white as well as grey, chocolate brown wall surfaces don’t imply that the interior is moody or something– just include some light from the windows or colorful accessories and artwork. Dark shades look superb with bright yellow, gold, environment-friendly and red, so pick them for the devices.

Look at the instances below as well as obtain influenced!


dark wood floor living room 15

9 Shabby-Chic Living Room Ideas to Steal

Create the perfect kind of living room decor, no matter what you’re working with to start.  If you are interested in seeing how you can create your very own cozy living room, then you’ll find your way to the right kind of ideas and inspiration by taking a look at the images below.

They range from simple changes to larger ones, but all of them are going to offer you some options and exciting ranges of techniques so that you can get that shabby-chic living room that you’ve always wanted.  Get ready for inspiration!

Garage Sales are the Motivation That You Want: Garage sales are amazing spots that you can find some seriously incredible finds.  If you’re on the hunt to make sure that you put together the right room in terms of the pieces of furniture, you’ll really be able to get your staple pieces here.  Just take a look at the different ideas that are waiting for  you in the “junk” that people are trying to get rid of.  There is so much potential because you’ll be able to transform it into something that you’re looking for.

Even if you find something that you feel is going to be shabby, remember that you’re looking for a way to make your living room more chic and shabby.  Look past the exterior and see the bones of the piece of the furniture to see if it’s going to be of help to you in your decor scheme.  The pieces that you find and choose are going to be a total steal.

Try Your Hand at Distressing a Piece of Furniture: The big thing right now out there in the world of decor is that you need to look at distressing a piece of furniture.  This means that you would stain or paint something and then artfully and tastefully pick away at the colour so that it fades it in the right spot.  There is definitely an art to getting it done right, so you just need to take a look at how to do it online.


There are all sorts of options online to get it done right so that you can enjoy the sophisticated look of distressing.  Start with something small and simple such as an end table, and work you way up to the bigger and more prominent pieces.  It can be fun and you can use whatever paint or stain that you want to.

Choose a Statement and Stick to It: If you’re going to something such as statement or a wallpaper design, you need to make sure that you stick to what you’re working on and go all out and make it work for you.  Remember the expression “go big or go home”?  It certainly applies to when you’re looking at living room ideas.  Whether it’s a distressed brick wall, beamed ceilings, or a statement wall, you need to really embrace it and make it work for you.


Make it work for you and your room.  Remember that if you don’t like it for whatever reason, you can always change it later.  Give it time to grow on you and you’ll see that statement pieces are really impressive and transformative if you give them the space to be so.

Experiment with colour: The best way to properly transform a room is to play around with the colour scheme.  Go ahead and make a dramatic change and you’ll see that your living room is going to look entirely different and transformed in the best possible way.

If you aren’t really interested in going with a big change in hue, try changing the shade to a brighter one.  You can also consider the idea of a statement wall such as a patterned wall using decals or modern wallpaper.


If you aren’t interested in anything like that, you’ll need to take a look at something like accent colour pieces such as throws or pillows or couches.  This is a great way to play around with some new colour in a minimalist way.

Combine with fashion and practicality: If you like having your living room full of practical use such as storage, you can still do that in a fun way.  All you need to do is get some great bookshelves or other storage options and distress them, as mentioned, etc. The thing to remember with living room ideas is that it isn’t one or the other.  You can change things around to work for you in terms of the practicality combined with fun and modern fashion.


Shabby-Chic Living Room Design Ideas

If you’re liking what you’re seeing here than take a look at some great ideas below where you can see these concepts coming together.  You’ll love them all for the different kinds of reasons.


Classic and simplistic works together here so that you can take a look at how fresh colour and contrasting furniture comes together to create a total look and feel that is modern and minimalist.

See how all of the colour and pattern blends together without looking like it’s too match-y.  This is what you want when you’re looking at modern style and a simple living room design. All it takes is a little paint and creative spirit, and it makes for a wonderful room that is brand new.


This is the perfect combination of a classic living room and and modern distressing.  See those floors?  It’s all about putting your newly developed skills to the test and focusing on the right kinds of aspects that are going to create the perfect room that is all about you and your sense of style.  This one of a kind look and feel is all about pieces coming together.  All of the off-white design come together here just perfectly.


Texture is the thing here to look at.  The wicker and various shades and textures in the blanket looks modern and comfortable all at once.  So, you can see that you can create the right look with just putting elements together like this one.  Remember to make it the right kind of look and feel that you are hoping to find in a lived in living room!


Beautiful and all about accenting the windows, this is one of a kind style that is going to help you remember that you can work with what the house gives you at its core. Bright colour pops work well here to show you that style is all about exploring the world that you have in front of you for colour.

Work well here to show you that style is all about exploring the world that you have in front of you for colour.






10 Cozy Living Rooms with Fireplace You’ll Want to Hibernate In All Winter Long

Getting that right look and feel for your casual living room can sometimes take more work than you’d think, unless you know where to look for your inspiration. To help you get that simple living room that you’ve always dreamed of, we’ve put together a series of design options that will help you make sure that you always have the right inspiration to help you create the room you’ve been searching for.

Get ready for the perfect round of motivation that you’re looking for.


You’ll find a lot about this image that screams cozy.  This is all about creating an inviting space with the right features to promote style yet also make sure that everyone is comfortable and feeling like this is a modern space for all to enjoy fully.  Look at how the darker colours in the furniture and area rugs are lightened up and complimented by the light colour on the walls.

This creates a very “put-together” look that is certainly going to make sure that you get the look that you are going for.  Without a doubt, this is a great example of a cozy living room.

The Neutral

You can see that this is all about accentuating the light and making sure that it remains a warm and inviting space from top to the bottom.  The built-in book shelves are great character and arrange perfectly to offer the right kind of look and feel for the space.  The fireplace is nicely decorated, the brick offering some authentic feel to the room right off the bat.  As  far as living areas go, this is a great design with curtains and a window seat that can offer some seclusion if you’re looking for it.  The colours are all neutral with subtle pops of colour here and there for a memorable impression.

This would make a great living room [in a] winter edition.  This is warm and inviting and sure to give you all of the cozy feelings that you are looking for in the right design.

Wood Panel

This cozy living room idea goes back to a lot of the basics.  It uses wood panelling that, on its own, would darken the room, bu the warm hues of proper lighting and framed shots on the wall can allow the light to trickle in through the carefully chosen accessories.  The curtains offer a break from the wood grain with their gentle pattern, and the tones are followed through with the area rug as well.  The chairs and even the coffee table are all about luxury and sophisticated comfort so that it can bring together the right elements to create the right introduction to anyone who comes into the space.

This would double as a great study, too, making it ideal for those who want transient options in their living room decor.


One glance at this, and your eyes go directly to the beamed ceilings.  The design of this room is spectacular, and the wooden beams are the definitely meant to the focus point.  The dark wood on the mantle and in the furniture matches, too, bringing the entire room together perfectly.

With warm curtains and furniture, this inviting cozy living room is great for when you are hoping to focus all of the matching elements together without being too match-y about it.  When you are looking to create an elegant living room, this is definitely an essential element.

Element Combining

Similar to a few that we looked at, this one is about combining elements to create the right kind of modern appeal.  The room is cozy due to the wooden beams, the natural stone, the warm colour scheme, and – of course – the fire place.  This room is all about the idea of putting together the right spot to welcome loved ones.

The best elements to admire here are the furniture and how it al comes together to offer comfort but style, and center the room perfectly.  These are great additions to a room that is all about character.  The wall of windows is a nice touch too, of course.

Break First

This is  white room that helps bring the light into it more than you would think possible.  The built in bookshelves add symmetry to the room – an important element to admire – and the window has curtains so that it can be shut off when you need to take a break from the outside world.

The furniture is nice neutral colours, and the pillows offer some splashes of hues that will help bring this modern room together in the right way.  The fireplace add some fun to the space, too, and helps create the winter cozy feel.


Small, but reflective, this living room decor speaks to a simpler time where you can enjoy the white washed look and the subtle touches of wood grain.  This is a great option to really enjoy the gentle touches of everything together and leave lots of room for personalization in the accessories that are going to liven up the spot.

This allows the light to be the main aesthetic in the room, but you aren’t going to find anything missing from its enjoyment.


This uses a lot of the same elements that we’ve been looking at, and the brick wall acts as an accent feature that really speaks to the bold room.  The open concept of this large room really adds some personality to it, and the white ceiling and wall really give some class and sophistication.  The mirror and greenery perfect the place to offer the right comfortable feeling that you’re going for.


This is simple but properly understated.  The perfectly centred picture fames add symmetry, and the dark furniture is made all the brighter by the chosen accent pillows in bright and neutral hues.  The room has proper lighting both artificial and natural, and everything comes together to give a natural but modern look that will be cozy for all company.   Perfect for a simple but memorable idea.

Long Living Room

​Lastly, this room uses subtle colour with a white space to really bring some vibrancy into this cozy living room. Long and narrow, you’d think that it’s too tight quarters, but it’s far from it. This is enjoyable and modern and full of personal touches that really finish off the piece perfectly. All about the winter edition of living rooms that are cozy and well designed. This will help you see that there is no end to options available to do you for your cozy living room design.

20+ Amazing Scandinavian Living Room Designs Collection

As a property owner, you have certain expectations about how you desire your home to look, however oftentimes it can be difficult to obtain everything to come together. If you need a quick overview of help you transform your space for the better, attempt Scandinavian interior decoration.

This is a particular kind of style with roots in Sweden and it focuses on combining a white base with whatever arranged just-so. Nothing runs out location, and it develops a put-together look with clean lines.

The best Scandinavian design is that which utilizes a neutral white base, as pointed out, and then makes it all pop with one or two thoroughly selected accent pieces such as pillows or tosses. All of these must be selective and all of the same colour and tone. It finishes the look effortlessly and actually changes any space.

Scandinavian interior decoration is everything about making sure that you are creating a space that reflects light and colour and sophistication, all whilst ensuring that you devote the time to other fundamental parts of your world. Essentially, if you want something that is simplistic and simple to preserve and look after, than Scandinavian interior decoration is definitely going to appeal to you in more ways than one.

To assist you understand more about this kind of thing, let’s take a look at some of the best Scandinavian design alternatives out there and you can fine-tune them to match your very own requirements. Keep in mind that it is your home, so you have to ensure it looks exactly as you desire it to when it comes to the outcome. If it doesn’t, change it up till it makes good sense to you and all that you are going to be looking for


Typically, those who utilize this sort of style patterns enjoy focusing on floor covering that is light in colour and made from some kind of natural wood grain. This is all about showing any sort of light that is available in your windows (huge or little as they may be). If you wish to soften the room up, include a carpet something else in peaceful and soft colours. This is a great way to start out your new and amazing Scandinavian living room design.

Scandinavian Clean Architecture Lines

The most essential to bear in mind when you are putting together the best Scandinavian style is that everything must serve a function. Your design needs to be very little and utilize soft colours or, enable them to be earth tone. Key the ornamentation to a minimum and permit your pieces to promote themselves

Scandinavian Elegant Mild Fixtures

When you’re developing a Scandinavian cooking area design, you understand that lighting is essential. When you select the components, attempt to create declaration pieces with your light, sticking to the tip that functionality ought to always win in regards to the main fixture and focus point alternatives. If you aren’t sure with exactly what feels right, you have to choose “one off” designs and make them operate in your style.

Scandinavian Layers and Textures

When you’re creating a memorable Scandinavian living room style, you have actually got the cool colours and minimalist decoration, but you have to likewise concentrate on the concept of inviting convenience and texture, too. Combine texture and layers together in printed tosses and pillows. These include declarations to the minimalist decoration and give you the textures and layers that you’re searching for. When in doubt, opt for solid coloured tosses that are warm and made from smooth smoother material for those cool winter season days.

27 Chic Bohemian Interior Design You Will Want To Try

Do you love retro?  If so, you aren’t alone. In fact, now is the time if you are hoping to bring in some of the old traditional and fun elements into your interior design plans. The hottest style right now is a modern take on bohemian interior design.

If you want to fuse some of these fun and flashy elements into your own design plans, take a look at some inspiring ways to do just that.

10 Signs that Your Home Style Is Bohemian

Bohemians are a laid-back bunch, with a distinct sense of style. Think your house comes across as a truly bohemian house? Here are 10 indications to inform for sure;

1. Your preferred colors are tie-dye and suzani.

There are some that same tie-dye is a thing of the past, but those who are on the hunt for a bohemian look and feel know that all it takes is finding the right finishing touches with a tie-dye look, and it’ll all work perfectly.

You don’t want to go too big with the tie-dye, but you can always enjoy a throw pillow here, a lamp shade there, and really draw out the look and feel of the relaxed style that it can show you.

2. You haven’t seen an actual, honest-to-goodness flooring given that 2010.

A cornerstone in bohemian style is the fact that you are going to be dressing up your floors. So, pick a few carpets that you love – the more fabrics and patterns, the better – and put it on display proudly in your spot.

You want to hide those hardwood floors with bright patterns, so go bold with your choices and play around with textiles too so that you can enjoy the different feels physically, too.

3. You own more plants than furnishings.

The biggest part of bohemian style is to embrace all things living, so add in some plants and make sure that you spread them around the room. You’ll love how they’ll liven up the spot in terms of colour and natural appeal.

It’s a great way to explore the options out there for making sure that you transform your space into a bohemian’s dream.

4. Morocco called a few days ago and they desire all their ottomans, lanterns and pillows back.

If you are looking for inspiration on all of the big and little things. The design and look and feel of Morocco is a great idea. You’ll find fun prints, patterns, colours, textures, and it’ll all come together to give you the feel that you want.

5. You know that the only thing that deals with pattern is another pattern.

In area rugs, curtains, couch fabrics, planters, everything…it needs pattern. You don’t have to match them, you just need a lot of them all put into one space so that you can make the most out of the options that you’ve got available to you.

6. You connect your shoelaces with macramé knots.

7. You’ll accept minimalism right after Elton John does.

8. You have no idea where this “mall” is that everyone keeps discussing.

9. You like your mattresses low, and your canopies high.

10. “Beaded curtain” is a customized setting on your sound machine.

Bohemian Interior Designs

Taking a hint from the world of style, interior designers and house owners are now turning to this embellishing design that places emphasis on accepting the world around you and delighting in the procedure of hunting for intriguing finds! Of course, the bohemian design has actually been fine-tuned significantly to suit the many requirements of a contemporary, city way of life. Yet, here are some incredible inspirations that range from untainted bohemianism to the hip boho-chic; Enjoy!

Contemporary Chic and Bohemian

The blend of modern trendy and bohemian design is undoubtedly the very best way forward for many of us who currently have a certain theme going around your house. This mix is far easier to accomplish than the traditional bohemian style as well as keeps the interior much more relevant in its appeal.

Instead of providing the living room or bedroom a complete transformation, just include a couple of colorful rugs, some luxurious ottomans with lots of pattern, and decoration that combines different textures. At times, a wise addition of accent pillows with a Moroccan print and a vibrant accent couch can also include a touch of bohemianism to the space without giving it an extreme overhaul.

Devoting completely to the bohemian theme is not the idea of a perfect house for many of us. (Though I especially enjoy it thanks to the lesser needs it places on company!) Boho-chic design is the ideal compromise that allows you to introduce a few of these vibrant additions while keeping the core of your design style undamaged.

For those searching for a clever, hip and cool decorating concept this summertime, boho-chic deals a breezy option.

A Blend of Vintage Styles

Numerous misinterpret the bohemian design as a collection of a few individual aspects. Discovering its roots in the unconventional lifestyle of the less lucky artists, musicians and stars and writers of early 19th century, the design is anything however fixed or specific. A bohemian look with far less flea market additions and much more order can easily pass as diverse.

You can even ramp up the Mediterranean or design elements and decoration to give it a less apparent bohemian appearance. Even the modern beach style or nautical theme blend well with bold bohemian accents.

Be they classic or Midcentury modern-day, industrial or transitional, varied interiors will amaze you with their shared capability to display the timeless aspects of bohemian design. Vibrant wallpaper, an adventurous blend of patterns, wood, leather and seating arrangements that encourage you to rest on the floor; bohemian is all about selecting components and furnishings that work best for you.

Curated Chaos!

I wish I knew that an embellishing design called ‘bohemian’ existed when I was 8, and undoubtedly my mama had no concept about it either. Who called a kid I was so ‘interior decoration savvy’ and I constantly accepted bohemianism so gleefully!

Undoubtedly my mom called it a mess, and to be fair to her, my room was a couple of carpets, potted plants, brilliant prints and extensive patterns away from being bohemian. However the ground work was all there! Anyhow, if you have a comparable perception of bohemian style, then you got it all incorrect.

A floor covered with multiple rugs, a hint of greenery and a collection of your preferred products and enchanting colors make up the essence of this timeless design. In all that chaos, there is still an ideal order and sufficient motivation.

As we went over above, bohemianism is all about welcoming the world around you the way it exists and it sure is a long way away from contemporary embellishing concepts that inform you to take away as much as you can from the room. However at the heart of the style is a viewpoint that accepts the defiant, the bold and the brand-new. Paradoxical as it may sound, Bohemian design is for those who care less about style and more about life!

Bohemian look and feel is pretty fun, so go right out there and make it work for you in a way that is going to be memorable and effective when it comes to transforming your living space.  You’ll love what it will do for you and your sense of comfort and style.  It’s all about making it your own and you’ll be able to enjoy it all before too long.  It’ll come together if you let it!

20+ Beauty White Living Room Ideas

What much better method to embellish your living room than with charming shades of white? Differ a white palette with different shades of off-white, cream and pale grey for a stunning backdrop that provides itself to many different styles.

For a beautifully romantic appearance, embellish walls with an off-white wallpaper in a timeless style such as a trailing-leaf pattern, then include linen curtains at the windows to permit soft light to filter in to the space

Pick linen-covered couches and it would be wise to buy a sofa and armchairs with removable slip covers that can be quickly cleaned.

Include a painted chest of drawers as a classy method to save everyday items. A white chandelier will provide a feminine feel to the space.

Coastal style and white colour schemes go hand-in-hand. Accomplish this easygoing look by starting with fresh white painted walls and pick nautical fabrics such as ticking and deckchair stripes for upholstery, cushions and blinds.

If you have a bay window, a painted window seat with a striped seat cover works magnificently. Additionally a wood bench located in an alcove looks produces a similar feel. Scour the purchase seaside-inspired devices, such as a porthole-style mirror, or pick a painting to develop a genuine appearance.

Gloss white furnishings in a modern living-room looks ultra-sleek. Choose modular systems that can be adjusted to suit your display and storage requirements? this is a fantastic way to integrate your TELEVISION display screen with book storage in compact living room.

Have a check out our photo gallery and be influenced by these stunning white embellishing schemes.

French country-style living-room

Classic white living room with damask wallpapered feature wall, white french doors opening onto garden, white linen curtains, sofa with a mixture of plain and floral cushions, light wooden flooring, white footstool used as coffee table, French style side table, floor standing lamp with rouched ribbon shade, wall mounted vintage pill box, lavish chandelier, shabby chic cupboard, IH 07/2012 | HouseBeautiful

Love French country design? Embrace the appearance with lashings of lace, frill-edge material cushions and quite classic wallpaper for a fabulously womanly feel. Continue the unwinded, care-free style with flowers in pretty vases.

Living space in subtle neutrals

All shades of white livingroom. Pale linen. sofa, coffee table, bookcase. Framed prints of coral. Sim Used IH 06/2006 p37 | HouseBeautiful

For a modern country-style look, differ your palette with a choice of off-white, cream and pale grey shades. Add a range of accessories, from cushions and vases to wall art and lighting, in comparable shades, with plenty of textured edges to break up and soften the appearance.

Nautical style living-room

New England beach house seaside style. White living room, bamboo blinds, painted furniture, window seat, stripy cushions, wicker chairs, chest. Starfish, nautical painting Sim Used IH 07/2005 p22 | HouseBeautiful

Stripes are an excellent option if you want to introduce a little pattern to your white living room and, teamed with a couple of nautical-themed devices, will give your area a cool, coastal feel. Concentrate on easy locations to upgrade, such as adding a few striped cushions and throws so they can be changed if when you expensive a modification.

Cream and white living-room

Creamy all white living room with accessories in matching tones. Sofa with fluffy cushions & throws. Coffee table, chest of drawers, glass candlesticks. Sim Used IH 12/2003 p23 | HouseBeautiful

Offer your living-room an entire new look with a standard plan filled with traditional all-white or cream furnishings, along with soft touch accessories. Make sure you pick a couch with removable and washable covers, so you can sip Red wine without fretting about spillages.

Scandi living room with red and florals

White living room, beige sofa, white Gustavian style coffee table, sisal rug, wicker storage baskets and basket for chopped wood, white leaf print blinds, red cushions. IH 05/2010 Pub orig cover | Housebeautiful

White and red make a timeless Scandi country-style mix– and one that?s easy to attain. Stick to a white background with white or cream furniture and hang a fragile, botanical-print wallpaper to include interest. Add pops of red with quite accessories.