Hottest Home Design Trends for 2019

Ah, that wonderful feeling of turning a new leaf at the beginning of a brand new year! One chapter closes, another one opens, and we set our intentions for the months ahead while shaking off the negative energy from the year past. And what better way to shake things up than with a little home … Read more

Some Home Renovations That Add Value

One thing you can pay attention to as a homeowner is renovation.   There are many reasons for renovating, and some reasons are: the desire to experience luxurious living right at the comfort of home, the desire to maximise available space, or the desire to put up the house for sale or rent. Regardless of … Read more

8+ Awesome Ideas to Build Charming Cape Cod House

Eager to revive the early 20th-century American architecture in your property? Cape Cod house style may be the best option. In the middle of futuristic and quirky house design trends, the simple charm of this home remains undeterred. Cape Cod style has several basic design elements. It flaunts rectangular style, steep roof, double windows with … Read more

10 Great Japanese Minimalist Interior Style

One word sums it up: Zen. Yes, relaxed simplicity borders the small layouts of Japanese culture. Countless years steeped in practice have actually affected Japan’s architecture as well as interior design visual, resulting in a calm and also extremely social interior decoration. Japanese style develops around tidy and also clean living, holding tightly to balance, … Read more