10 Most Stylish Bathroom Vanities Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Perfect!

A bathroom is not complete without a vanity set. Stylish bathroom vanities ideas not only improves your house but also makes you “feel fancy.” Unique vanities don’t need to be expensive; you can get them with lower costs using simple tricks.

Visit friends or relatives and ask for something they may not use (one person’s garbage may be your treasure!). You can also visit home supply stores during clearance days when they sell old stocks at low prices. You can also directly visit their stockrooms to find cheap and stylish vanities.

Online shopping is another popular strategy to get unique vanity products. However, you must make sure that the products are compatible with your bathroom. It is better if you can meet the sellers and review the products directly.

Now that you understand the shopping tips let’s review some vanities inspirations to find your dream product.

Best 10 Cheap Bathroom Vanities Ideas

Thin, futuristic faucet

Adding a futuristic-looking faucet will greatly improve even the simplest bathroom vanity set. This faucet has a curved spout and thin handle, with a sharp design that goes well with stainless sink.


Polka-chic vanity set

This bathroom vanity set uses polka-dot patterns as the background, with a round mirror to emphasize the design. The vanity cabinet has a white countertop that blends nicely with the background, but the dark brown part connects it with the brown patterns on the floor.


Elegant, contemporary vanity set

This bathroom vanity set offers contemporary twists of common features. The round mirror has LED light in the edge, and there is an additional face mirror mounted on the wall. The white porcelain sink has a deep, bowl-like shape for “exclusive” touch. The dark brown cabinet matches perfectly with the dark brown walls and door.


Unique vintage wooden vanity set

This vanity cabinet consists of dark brown parts panels with the light brown countertop. The sink has an asymmetrical shape, with a dark brown shade like the cabinet. The faucet is polished with a dark color to match the vanity set. A mirror with curved sides and wooden frame complements the look.


Traditional and elegant wooden vanity set

Unlike the previous vanity set, this one has more traditional and elegant touch in the design. The wooden vanity cabinet has curves and engraves, with porcelain sink and classic-style faucets. The wood grain patterns create unique contrast with the yellow wall and white tile floor. A double-lamp fixture creates intimate lighting.


Spacious, “airy” vanity set

This vanity set has an airy atmosphere, thanks to its light color and spacious room. The vanity set has a large wall mirror that provides unobstructed reflection, perfect if you need to look perfect every day. The backsplash and floor use white-grey marble and ceramic tiles. The light grey cabinets provide modest and functional features. The chair adds a contemporary touch with its transparent back and legs.


Couple vanity set in a studio apartment

This vanity set is perfect for a couple who lives in a studio apartment. The white walls and subway tiles provide simple but modern elegance. The cabinets and floating shelf were made of wood, but the countertop is grey marble. The deep sinks provide more space-efficiency in a small bathroom. These white and brown shades are cut with black mirror frames and green plants in a glass bottle.


Glamor vanity set

Feel like a Hollywood star with this glamor vanity set. The stark-white vanity cabinets have sleek style and shiny surface. The seat is also white, with full padding for maximum comfort. The mirror is surrounded by glamor lights, helping you to get perfect makeup while making you feel like a celebrity. A wall supply rack and framed photograph add the charm.


Corner vintage sink

This corner sink is perfect for a tiny bathroom, especially if you don’t have additional room for the vanity set. It consists of a deep sink and black vanity cabinet with an old-school touch. The vintage brown faucet complements the look. This vanity set uses a round mirror that was attached to the wall, to save more space.


Large couple vanity set

This vanity set is perfect if you have no problem with space. The couple gets individual sinks with wooden cabinets and white countertop. The mirror looks almost seamless, but they consist of separate panels. A large window provides natural light. White flowers and round bottles create simple accents.


These bathroom vanities ideas are not only beautiful but also perfect to complement all kinds of bathrooms.

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