20+ Exotic Dark Living Room Design Ideas

Dark colors are taken into consideration gloomy as well as not very emotional. Yet these dark living-room layouts are fashionable, stylish as well as relaxing. Dark rooms can be carried out in almost any kind of style: elegant art-deco, calm Scandinavian, gloomy masculine, strict minimal.

Black, dark grey, dark off-white as well as grey, chocolate brown wall surfaces don’t imply that the interior is moody or something– just include some light from the windows or colorful accessories and artwork. Dark shades look superb with bright yellow, gold, environment-friendly and red, so pick them for the devices.

Look at the instances below as well as obtain influenced!


dark wood floor living room 15

24 Simple Apartment Decoration You Can Steal

Simple Changes and Ways to Decorate Apartments

Putting together a look and feel is hard because it’s so personal.  But, it doesn’t have to be hard if you know where you are going to look and how you want it to feel.  Get the right kind of inspiration for making your apartment look its best.  You’ll be able to draw a lot from the ideas and suggestions that you’ll find here so that creating your dream look and feel is going to be much easier than you thought.  The key to remember with all of this is to keep the apartment decor ideas easy and fun so that you can make them into whatever you want to see.



Give your walls a splash of paint

source: idolza.com

When it comes to your walls, you have to take a look at how you can make them your own.  No, seriously.  Even when you’re renting, landlords will allow you to paint walls assuming you ask their permission first.  Simple apartment decor starts right away with this idea right here.  Pick colours that make you feel at home such as warm rich hues, or bright and vibrant ones if that’s more your style.  Have fun with this step in the process!

Try using unusual ornaments

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From backsplash tiles to vinyl floor tiles, you can create some great wall decor out of unusual spots.  Go ahead and change things up by taking traditional apartment decor ideas and turning them on their head. In our day and age, this has been done in all sorts of ways, so you’ll be able to get some great tips and advice on how to do it if you want to find them online.

The thing to remember is that it needs to feel like something you would create, so don’t do it because it looks nice – do it because it’s going to make it feel like your own space.

Change up the curtains and shower curtain

source: amazon.com

Whether you need to upgrade the shower curtain to one that is more casual, or you’re looking at finding one that is vibrant and young, this is a great way to change up the space that your’e in.  Remember that simple apartment decor can be as easy as changing up the shower curtain amongst other things.

Traditional curtains are another thing to freshen up.  Add bright colours or heavier feels and it’ll instantly transform the space perfectly.  Curtains are also great for adding a certain softness to the spot that you’re in, so consider it seriously to make sure that you can get the right design going in your apartment decor ideas.

Switch out the handles

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In you kitchen and bathroom, you can make your space your own more by switching out the standard handles for new ones that are going to feel more realistic and authentic to the room.  They don’t need to be anything too bright if you don’t want it, but the thing here is to change it up so that you can enjoy the right change and how something as simple as that can transform your space into a completely new one.  Have fun picking them out, and consider matching them all up, or deliberately mismatching them instead.

Add lots of photos

source: pinterest

Personal photos that are out on on display is where you are going to find that your space transforms for the better.  Apartment interior design can be really fun when you fill the walls and surfaces with personal photos.  Try collages or single frames, or any combination of those ideas that you like.  The point is to have fun with the ideas and options and enjoy the fun and personalization that it is going to encourage in you.

With your photos, you can look at even choosing an accent wall where you would create a giant collage of all of your family photos.  It’s a modern design that is really popular right now for all of the best reasons.

Mix odds and ends

The thing about apartment interior design is that there are so many ideas, and so little time to actually put them into place.  If you’re looking to take a crack at making sure that you make it totally your own, one of the best ways to do that is to throw away the plan and simply have fun filling the place with random things and elements.  It’ll all work together because it’s not meant to look “just so”, it’s meant to be you and your tastes.  Try putting paintings together and decor elements such as non matching furniture.  It’s all about personalization.

Try upcycling or repurposing furniture


source: jacekpartyka.com

Repurposing and upcycling is a great way to infuse character into a spot and also make sure that you have a way to do your part in helping reuse things in the world.  You can get great finds at garage sales, and just by reupholstering them and changing the stain or the colour of the furniture, you’ll be able to refresh an old piece and make it fun and unique from anything else out there on the market.

Clean white lines

source: idolza.com

This shows you how matching chairs can really transform something into professional decor options.  While some may not be fond of the idea at first, you can take a look at how it really makes the  space come together in a really memorable way.  It’ll convince you that it’s, in fact, a great idea to consider when you want to make a dining set.  Whether they matched originally, or not, this is an impressive set of of chairs.

source: decorartion.com

Monotone (IMAGE NINE)

While making things stand out is great, sometimes relying on more traditional matching tones is great too, especially if you want a put-together kind of decor scheme.  This is an example of how the creator of this space wanted a professional look and feel and got it by making it all come together in similar shades of beige.  These hues are all warm and memorable so that those who use the space can feel comforted and in a place that is well designed.

The thing to remember is that monotone means good things in this situation, not bad.  It’s all about the aesthetic that you are looking to create for your home.  So, enjoy all that you can in your available space and have fun making it your very own spot to decorate and customize to your heart’s content.  It’s much more addictive than you’d think, so get ready for the ideas to flood in!

7 Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartment


If you’ve got a small apartment, you don’t need to find yourself limited in any way when it comes to the options that you’ve got available in interior design.

The thing about small apartment decoration is that you need to think outside of the box – have fun with shapes and hiding options such as foldaway beds. There is so much more than you can do with a small space than you’re thinking now, and we’re looking forward to showing you just how it is all going to work in your favour.

To start you off on the general side, you can look at something like these tips to get you started in moving in the right direction for the apartment interior design that is going to be refreshing but eternal, too, without any kind of upkeep or changes needed.

Use light colours: Don’t go for dark colours that are going to make the space too small.  Instead rely on light ones such as off-white or even a pure white.  This will lighten up the dark spaces of the apartment and transform it properly, just as you are going to want.

Or, try bright colours: If you really don’t like neutrals such as a warm white, than you can go the exact opposite and go with bright and rich colours such as jewel shades.  Be careful not to go with anything too dark, though, for obvious reasons.  When choosing the right rich shade it will add some personality and fun to the space available.

If you like that idea but aren’t entirely sure it’ll work, than you can do whit walls and then one accent wall with a bright shade of colour.  That will give you the same effect and will really transform the room perfectly.

Have fun with storage options: The true best thing about small apartment interior design is that you’ll be able play around with all sorts of unique and creative storage ideas and options for your own benefit.  Really have fun with this and search for the right kind of character-rich space.

Make it yours: Last but not least, make the space entirely your own.  You need to put some rich design aspects into it so that you can see that your customization is going to leave your personal thumbprint.

This is great for seeing that you can transform every space with your own decor, you just need to make sure that you have the right kind of ideas and thought processes to steer you in the right kind of direction.  Enjoy the adventure and have fun with all of the aspects that are available to you.

Small Apartment Interior Design Ideas

So, now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at some of the best options out there that are going to get you thinking the right way to see how you can really transform the space that you’ve got available to you.  You may find that they all teach you something, which is the best part about the decor.

source: Pinterest

This is just one example of a way for you to refresh a space using white.  The white furry rug is going to give you the comfort that you’re looking for, and you’ll be able to enjoy the snuggly feeling it’ll show you.

The throw pillows on the neutral sofa are great for adding in some shades of brown and combining them with white as well.  From the walls to the curtains, you can see how this room really comings together using similar tones but also going bold with the sofa colour.

The space us fresh and modern so that it can give a little something ot everyone who wants something to admire and feel comfortable in the space.

source: home-designing.com

More neutral, this one relies on using bright and fresh modern colours that are going to really show a unique side to the room.  The dark curtains, the dark tones of the living room furniture make this a serious space, but still one that is rich with personality.

This is a way for you to make sure that you are making do with as many natural features as possible so that you can accentuate them.  The rug by the table and the couch is the perfect accent to bring all pieces together with texture, colour, and comfort.  Pretty neutral but still effective on its own.

source: Pinterest

Much more reliant on the idea of adding some colour and pizzazz to the tiny space.  Twin bookshelves on either side of the window add some memorable effects in the room, including uniformity and organization which always works well with a smaller space.

The rug is dark, but since the rest of the room is so bright, you’ll be able to see how it picks up on the natural light parts and adds some depth to the room.  The furniture is well coloured and oriented around the source of natural light.  The pictures on the wall are great for adding some colour and custom tastes to the walls.

source: designbuyz.com

This is all about neutral white like we talked about before.  It will really lighten up the space and you can see how it works with the natural light that comes into the room, too.  The only colour is in the wall script in the far part of the open concept room.  If you love colour, than you can add it into the space using accent colour pops such as cookware and towels.  It’s fun and transformational and will do a lot for the tiny apartment.

source: luigisbarbados.com

This is practical and fun and can really add that sense of character to the room that you’re looking for.  Enjoy as a storage option like in this example, or you can use it for decor.  The point is to enjoy it and use it as you see is best for your own personal tastes.  You can leave the wood grain natural like this, or stain or paint it and even look at distressing it however you want to.  Lots of options!

source: home-designing.com

This is all about smart storage. The wood grain in this cozy apartment interior design is warm and snuggly, but the bed will pull out and give you the comfort that you’re looking for in the area. It allows you to hide clutter and not have ot work around it during the day. This is a great example of how simply apartment interior design can do a lot for a space that you are hoping to work with for the most benefit.

source: roohome.com

10 Ultra Luxury Apartment Interior Design Ideas

If you could manage them, high-end homes are actually great. Not just for that they are beautiful, however additionally for the fact that they can be decorated in a lot of methods from time to time, and also if you can be up to day with most recent high-end residence enhancing concepts, after that your house will never be outdated.

Inside developers will hear your personal suggestions on what you desire, then have a look at your room as well as recommend something absolutely various, yet remarkable.

The concept of luxury in layout

You can’t discuss deluxe having to do with a particular style, high-end is just a characteristic that a specific merge-up of aspects brings in a final state. That indicates your house could be lavish and at the same time be of minimalist design.

High-end is much regarding high quality, branding, exorbitant shapes and terrific materials and looks with a flawless equilibrium.


There is basically no person on the planet that doesn’t want to possess a high-end house, and although you could provide your apartment or condo a glamorous designing at an extremely respectable cost, a lot of people are unaware of this.

If you are creative enough, you could give your home that showy elegant appearance by trying a few deluxe home decor ideas like using distinctive fabrics of various shades as well as prints to cover your paddings.

You can also make table tops for the central table and also side table with old or brand-new pieces of marble, glass or stone.

You could also develop attractive gallery walls by enhancing them with exceptional paintings, mounted photos, dry leaves and also mosaics of glass to offer your house a very unique design.

Your home is bound to have an elegant appearance if you utilize grosgrain or satin bows to decorate the lamp shades.

source: impressiveinteriordesign.com
source: impressiveinteriordesign.com
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source; hallofhomes.com
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20+ Fresh Sliding Closet Door Design Ideas

Sliding closet doors are readily available in a wide array of products and designs that could fit all sorts of decoration. Take into consideration barn-style doors, Eastern displays, textile screens, solid wood, timber particulate as well as mirrored or opaque surfaces.

There are a few cons to consider before acquiring. Sliding doors can be a company difficulty due to the fact that they just show half of the closet area at a time. Tracks can flex throughout use and battling doors out of their tracks can cause additional damages. However, replacing track can be very simple and also economical.

Sliding doors on soffits can be mounted in any kind of size opening, allowing full access to the room and also providing an elegant division between rooms or to hide energy locations. The hardware and also doors can be installed quickly and with a moderate ability level.

source: chocoaddicts.com
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10 Concepts to Know Before Remodeling Your Interior into Japanese Style

Japan has the special, efficient, and also the majority of advanced method to relaxing the mind with its Zen technique. The Zen is additionally reflected in every element of life, including Japan home interior design, which brings every person that becomes part of Japan style home the tranquility and also kicks back feels.

Making use of simplistic, all-natural essence as well as integrating comfy and functional design, the core of Zen training is about relaxing as well as relaxing vibe in the house.

If you are interested to bring tranquility into interior design, here is the step by step overview on renovating your current home into Japanese interior designs.

1. Bring nature right into your interior design

Japan has high respect as well as love for nature. As a result, they aim to preserve a solid connection with the natural world. One of the most renowned ways to do that is via conventional Japanese plants art, such as bonsai as well as bamboo.

Other plants that can be used are hands, orchid, cherry blossoms, and also vibrant flower setups. Consequently, ensure to bring plants into your interior design and also see to it to maintain it simple and also all-natural.

Another way to bring nature to your interior decoration is using huge as well as expansive windows that allow you to watch the nature from every angle. You will need huge home windows, big moving glass, or you can make use of the Japanese conventional gliding door for simple access to nature.

2. Change your shower room right into soaking tubs

Water, as part of nature, is likewise essential for Japanese residences. Believed for having calming effects, Japanese bath tub called Ofuro is a must have in a Japanese residence Taking in little as well as deep bath tubs with a bench seat is a custom that will calm your mind and also good for your health. Therefore, ensure to include soaking-style tubs into your shower room to develop a spa-like atmosphere into your home.

3. Usage Japanese moving doors and also screen for your house.

Japanese sliding doors are essentially made to conserve space; this is since Japanese house has the tendency to be small. Made from transparent paper held inside a wooden framework, Japanese door or screen is called Shoji. However, if you are stressed over the safety and security of this door, you can buy a contemporary version of Shoji made from glass panels inside a wood grid.

Shoiji has one more objective as a temporary wall surface which can be opened up as large as possible so that it won’t obstruct the all-natural light and sights of nature. You can change your current door with this type of door; it’s a great method to include Japanese style into your residence. It is additionally the most effective means to save area given that your door won’t take a great deal of area.

4. Presenting components of wood and also bamboo into your home

An additional part of nature that can be introduced right into your residence is natural wooden components. You can utilize furniture that made of all-natural woods such as maple, cypress, hemlock, and also red ache. You can change your existing flooring with timber floor. Or, you could simply make use of tatami for a very easy means to alter your current flooring.

A tidy line timber will certainly offer calming impact right into your residence. For that reason, it could be the time for you to transform your furniture into the ones made from timber.

5. Usage Japanese style furnishings

Japan has special furniture, the majority of them are reduced to the ground as well as have a simple form. There is a reduced table paired with pillows. This low to the ground furniture will make your house have a higher ceiling and looks spacy as well as calming. This is the very best way to have Japanese house feeling. You might wish to attempt futons, a bed that is spread level on the floor. It will conserve you a lot of room.

6. Make your house as straightforward as possible

Japanese residence is usually tidy as well as minimalist, full of sporadic as well as useful furnishings. So, if you already have numerous types of furnishings, ensure that you arrange them as straightforward and as clean as possible. Modern style furnishings with clean-line specifically made from all-natural timber will certainly be a great complement to a Japanese interior design.

7. Usage open space and also natural illumination

One more attribute of Japanese interior decoration is open room and also all-natural lights to brighten up the house. Consequently, the owner must keep the home windows free from any type of blockage, or you could use bamboo color for more genuine appearances. Having natural illumination will certainly enable you to connect with nature, consequently make you really feel relaxed and kicked back.

8. Usage natural shade for interior decoration

Japanese interior design uses natural and neutral colors. You can utilize wood or gray rock ceramic tile flooring, white wall and also brownish or black color furnishings. Nonetheless, do not forget to include a lot of green from the plant. Maintain it basic and also all-natural.

9. Offer area for practicing meditation and learn about Japanese culture

Japanese culture has great deals of things that will give calm as well as tranquil atmosphere for meditating, tea ceremony, or yoga exercise. You might want to redesign your existing living-room for a location to meditate or loosen up. Do not forget to add an aspect of wood such as plant and also water. In this manner, you will certainly have the ability to have a place where you can appreciate Japanese interior design appropriately.

10. Add Japanese devices

You can add some accessories such as Japanese writing, Japanese art, or simply simple water bamboos. Nevertheless, see to it that you do some study as well as understand the creating on the art pieces.

That’s all 10 things to consider if you want to use Japanese interior decoration in your residence. Delight in remodeling your home!

10 Cozy Apartment Inspiring Decor on Budget

Everybody wants a warm as well as comfy area. The thing is, apartment or condos are not just for looking at; they’re for living in. as well as an absolutely cozy space is the one that satisfies your needs, as well as welcomes site visitors in– will certainly be beautiful too. If that so, alter the improvement to cozy-fication. Below are a few suggestions for you.

There is a gap between furnishings that is beautiful to look upon and also to sit, however if you desire coziness, take into consideration that the furniture is ‘curl-uppability’ for your need. Do not buy the furniture just from one shop, mix together items from various design will develops aesthetic texture, which will certainly make any room a lot more inviting and also extra relaxing.

Select warm shades to make your area feel cozier, and also naturally it’s less costly instead of acquiring the very same tone furniture. See those comfy apartment or condo decors which are on a budget plan listed below.

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15+ Small White Beautiful Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathrooms can sometimes be hard to get just right. There’s a lot of pressure to have them looking just a certain way, but you’re going to be able to really make them fun and transformative if you focus on making it work for you.

So, let’s limit the options to those who are hoping to make a small white bathroom.  While it sounds limited, you’ll see that there is a lot to play around with in the look and feel of it, so take a look for yourself!

Open up tiles and brick


First thing’s first. A clean white bathroom is going to be all yours when you pick the right tile or brick pattern. Whether you need to tile the room yourself, or simply clean up and white-wash what you’ve already got going for you, choose wisely. This is going to be the base of your new room. The point in this is to make it a crisp white, and not an off-white. You can check more tile and white brick pattern here: Remodeling Ideas for Exposed Brick Tiles in a Bathroom

Pick a pattern in the flooring


When putting the flooring down, you can go with standard white flooring, or you can add some gentle patterns into it. The point is to make it so that it feels and looks like something you’ve designed carefully for yourself.  Get something that really makes it feel like its your room.

Stay minimalist


Small bathrooms mean that you need to cut the clutter. Store everything out of sight and remember that you are going to have to keep the space clean and clear of anything that is going to distract the eye from the clean and white lines that you are working hard to make yourself.  This is important, so take it seriously to make sure that your bathroom gets to make the impression that it deserves.

Add in touches of colour in the accessories


When you are picking the accessories for your room, you need to make it as bright as possible. Pick colours in bright hues for towels, soap containers, everything.  This will blind you with white and startle you with colour.  All in the best possible way, of course!

Make it smart space


As noted, you need to keep things minimal in terms of clutter and mess. So, make sure that you put your effort into creating a smart storage space so that you can enjoy all of the perks that it is going to bring you and your guests, both.

Small Bathroom Remodelling Cost

Graphic by Emily Svenson

Remodeling a bathroom also provides an increased home resale value, with a return on investment of up to 80 percent.

The average bathroom remodel cost $11,364 in 2016, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, with about 20 percent of that being labor cost.

A survey by NKBA on design trends showed that half of respondents paid between $10,000 and $29,999 for a bathroom remodel, while 31 percent reported paying more than $30,000.

Small White Bathroom Remodel Ideas

1. Shining Bathroom

source: pinterest

2. White-Brick Small Bathroom

source: pinterest

3. One-Way Bathroom

source: pinterest

4. Grey-White Small Bathroom

source: pinterest

5. Elegant Small Bathroom

source: pinterest

6. Look-Large Small Bathroom

source: pinterest

7. Classic Small Bathroom

source: pinterest

8. Minimalist Small Bathroom

source: pinterest

9. Expensive Small Bathroom

source: pinterest

10. Toilet

source: pinterest

We all get nervous about creating the perfect space, so help yourself out by putting together the right elements that will all come together to give you a transformative space that is going to be all things memorable.

White is fun and fresh and it will liven up the small space that you have available to you.  All you need to do is use it to the fullest and you’ll be able to see that it can all come together for you when you put it in the right frame of mind.

9 Shabby-Chic Living Room Ideas to Steal

Create the perfect kind of living room decor, no matter what you’re working with to start.  If you are interested in seeing how you can create your very own cozy living room, then you’ll find your way to the right kind of ideas and inspiration by taking a look at the images below.

They range from simple changes to larger ones, but all of them are going to offer you some options and exciting ranges of techniques so that you can get that shabby-chic living room that you’ve always wanted.  Get ready for inspiration!

Garage Sales are the Motivation That You Want: Garage sales are amazing spots that you can find some seriously incredible finds.  If you’re on the hunt to make sure that you put together the right room in terms of the pieces of furniture, you’ll really be able to get your staple pieces here.  Just take a look at the different ideas that are waiting for  you in the “junk” that people are trying to get rid of.  There is so much potential because you’ll be able to transform it into something that you’re looking for.

Even if you find something that you feel is going to be shabby, remember that you’re looking for a way to make your living room more chic and shabby.  Look past the exterior and see the bones of the piece of the furniture to see if it’s going to be of help to you in your decor scheme.  The pieces that you find and choose are going to be a total steal.

Try Your Hand at Distressing a Piece of Furniture: The big thing right now out there in the world of decor is that you need to look at distressing a piece of furniture.  This means that you would stain or paint something and then artfully and tastefully pick away at the colour so that it fades it in the right spot.  There is definitely an art to getting it done right, so you just need to take a look at how to do it online.


There are all sorts of options online to get it done right so that you can enjoy the sophisticated look of distressing.  Start with something small and simple such as an end table, and work you way up to the bigger and more prominent pieces.  It can be fun and you can use whatever paint or stain that you want to.

Choose a Statement and Stick to It: If you’re going to something such as statement or a wallpaper design, you need to make sure that you stick to what you’re working on and go all out and make it work for you.  Remember the expression “go big or go home”?  It certainly applies to when you’re looking at living room ideas.  Whether it’s a distressed brick wall, beamed ceilings, or a statement wall, you need to really embrace it and make it work for you.


Make it work for you and your room.  Remember that if you don’t like it for whatever reason, you can always change it later.  Give it time to grow on you and you’ll see that statement pieces are really impressive and transformative if you give them the space to be so.

Experiment with colour: The best way to properly transform a room is to play around with the colour scheme.  Go ahead and make a dramatic change and you’ll see that your living room is going to look entirely different and transformed in the best possible way.

If you aren’t really interested in going with a big change in hue, try changing the shade to a brighter one.  You can also consider the idea of a statement wall such as a patterned wall using decals or modern wallpaper.


If you aren’t interested in anything like that, you’ll need to take a look at something like accent colour pieces such as throws or pillows or couches.  This is a great way to play around with some new colour in a minimalist way.

Combine with fashion and practicality: If you like having your living room full of practical use such as storage, you can still do that in a fun way.  All you need to do is get some great bookshelves or other storage options and distress them, as mentioned, etc. The thing to remember with living room ideas is that it isn’t one or the other.  You can change things around to work for you in terms of the practicality combined with fun and modern fashion.


Shabby-Chic Living Room Design Ideas

If you’re liking what you’re seeing here than take a look at some great ideas below where you can see these concepts coming together.  You’ll love them all for the different kinds of reasons.


Classic and simplistic works together here so that you can take a look at how fresh colour and contrasting furniture comes together to create a total look and feel that is modern and minimalist.

See how all of the colour and pattern blends together without looking like it’s too match-y.  This is what you want when you’re looking at modern style and a simple living room design. All it takes is a little paint and creative spirit, and it makes for a wonderful room that is brand new.


This is the perfect combination of a classic living room and and modern distressing.  See those floors?  It’s all about putting your newly developed skills to the test and focusing on the right kinds of aspects that are going to create the perfect room that is all about you and your sense of style.  This one of a kind look and feel is all about pieces coming together.  All of the off-white design come together here just perfectly.


Texture is the thing here to look at.  The wicker and various shades and textures in the blanket looks modern and comfortable all at once.  So, you can see that you can create the right look with just putting elements together like this one.  Remember to make it the right kind of look and feel that you are hoping to find in a lived in living room!


Beautiful and all about accenting the windows, this is one of a kind style that is going to help you remember that you can work with what the house gives you at its core. Bright colour pops work well here to show you that style is all about exploring the world that you have in front of you for colour.

Work well here to show you that style is all about exploring the world that you have in front of you for colour.






10 Cozy Living Rooms with Fireplace You’ll Want to Hibernate In All Winter Long

Getting that right look and feel for your casual living room can sometimes take more work than you’d think, unless you know where to look for your inspiration. To help you get that simple living room that you’ve always dreamed of, we’ve put together a series of design options that will help you make sure that you always have the right inspiration to help you create the room you’ve been searching for.

Get ready for the perfect round of motivation that you’re looking for.


You’ll find a lot about this image that screams cozy.  This is all about creating an inviting space with the right features to promote style yet also make sure that everyone is comfortable and feeling like this is a modern space for all to enjoy fully.  Look at how the darker colours in the furniture and area rugs are lightened up and complimented by the light colour on the walls.

This creates a very “put-together” look that is certainly going to make sure that you get the look that you are going for.  Without a doubt, this is a great example of a cozy living room.

The Neutral

You can see that this is all about accentuating the light and making sure that it remains a warm and inviting space from top to the bottom.  The built-in book shelves are great character and arrange perfectly to offer the right kind of look and feel for the space.  The fireplace is nicely decorated, the brick offering some authentic feel to the room right off the bat.  As  far as living areas go, this is a great design with curtains and a window seat that can offer some seclusion if you’re looking for it.  The colours are all neutral with subtle pops of colour here and there for a memorable impression.

This would make a great living room [in a] winter edition.  This is warm and inviting and sure to give you all of the cozy feelings that you are looking for in the right design.

Wood Panel

This cozy living room idea goes back to a lot of the basics.  It uses wood panelling that, on its own, would darken the room, bu the warm hues of proper lighting and framed shots on the wall can allow the light to trickle in through the carefully chosen accessories.  The curtains offer a break from the wood grain with their gentle pattern, and the tones are followed through with the area rug as well.  The chairs and even the coffee table are all about luxury and sophisticated comfort so that it can bring together the right elements to create the right introduction to anyone who comes into the space.

This would double as a great study, too, making it ideal for those who want transient options in their living room decor.


One glance at this, and your eyes go directly to the beamed ceilings.  The design of this room is spectacular, and the wooden beams are the definitely meant to the focus point.  The dark wood on the mantle and in the furniture matches, too, bringing the entire room together perfectly.

With warm curtains and furniture, this inviting cozy living room is great for when you are hoping to focus all of the matching elements together without being too match-y about it.  When you are looking to create an elegant living room, this is definitely an essential element.

Element Combining

Similar to a few that we looked at, this one is about combining elements to create the right kind of modern appeal.  The room is cozy due to the wooden beams, the natural stone, the warm colour scheme, and – of course – the fire place.  This room is all about the idea of putting together the right spot to welcome loved ones.

The best elements to admire here are the furniture and how it al comes together to offer comfort but style, and center the room perfectly.  These are great additions to a room that is all about character.  The wall of windows is a nice touch too, of course.

Break First

This is  white room that helps bring the light into it more than you would think possible.  The built in bookshelves add symmetry to the room – an important element to admire – and the window has curtains so that it can be shut off when you need to take a break from the outside world.

The furniture is nice neutral colours, and the pillows offer some splashes of hues that will help bring this modern room together in the right way.  The fireplace add some fun to the space, too, and helps create the winter cozy feel.


Small, but reflective, this living room decor speaks to a simpler time where you can enjoy the white washed look and the subtle touches of wood grain.  This is a great option to really enjoy the gentle touches of everything together and leave lots of room for personalization in the accessories that are going to liven up the spot.

This allows the light to be the main aesthetic in the room, but you aren’t going to find anything missing from its enjoyment.


This uses a lot of the same elements that we’ve been looking at, and the brick wall acts as an accent feature that really speaks to the bold room.  The open concept of this large room really adds some personality to it, and the white ceiling and wall really give some class and sophistication.  The mirror and greenery perfect the place to offer the right comfortable feeling that you’re going for.


This is simple but properly understated.  The perfectly centred picture fames add symmetry, and the dark furniture is made all the brighter by the chosen accent pillows in bright and neutral hues.  The room has proper lighting both artificial and natural, and everything comes together to give a natural but modern look that will be cozy for all company.   Perfect for a simple but memorable idea.

Long Living Room

​Lastly, this room uses subtle colour with a white space to really bring some vibrancy into this cozy living room. Long and narrow, you’d think that it’s too tight quarters, but it’s far from it. This is enjoyable and modern and full of personal touches that really finish off the piece perfectly. All about the winter edition of living rooms that are cozy and well designed. This will help you see that there is no end to options available to do you for your cozy living room design.