17 Shabby-Chic Living Room Ideas to Steal

A counter-culture transformation, an effort to revive a sentimental past, an artistic endeavor by some to provide a new life to the discarded, and a simple requirement determined by budget restrictions for others– Shoddy elegant style was born in the 1980s because of all those diverse reasons and more.

What began as an alternative to tacky consumerism by those who considered themselves far more artistic or just ‘rebels’ of the style world has now become a full-blown, traditional trend that appears to be growing more popular every day. If you are a fan of worn-out elegant, you will certainly fall for the remarkable motivations on display today!

While we checked out the 50 best shabby stylish bedrooms last week, today we look into the world of dreamy, innovative and exclusive shabby trendy living rooms.

Some impress you with their ingenious use of castoffs, while others enthrall with uncommon vintage finds and modern-day thrills living beside one another in best consistency. Relaxing, tasteful and in vogue, this is a world controlled by personal taste, useful decorating and a lot of convenience.

Stylish Splatter of Color

Yes, shoddy chic areas are mainly dominated by white, and if you find the color too dull, possibly this is not the style for you. However that does not indicate color is shunned totally in every case.

In fact, we definitely love shoddy stylish living-room that feature a tip of color, as they separate the visual monotony of different shades of white and give it a more interesting appeal.

It is pastel colors that are the preferred choice in shabby trendy settings, with the similarity cool blue, gentle pink and light mint green giving the space a refreshing vibe.

The quantity of color that you can utilize and the favored shade typically depend upon the subtle style that you have going in the room which complements the shabby elegant design.

If you are a fan of Scandinavian design, then ultra-light grays and pastel blues are apt while a more womanly space with bohemian style gain from the presence of pink and purple colors. No matter what color you choose, it is a great idea to stay away from dark and gaudy tones.

Extraordinary, Special Decoration

More than the color pattern itself, it is the design you select that will set the tone in the shabby trendy living room. Admittedly a worn-out trendy home is not for everyone, and there will be many guys out there who will feel really unpleasant with the all-white background, the delicate overtones in the room and an intrinsic feminine appeal that the style always seems to have.

This is exactly why we recommend you ditch the clichés and explore your own variation of the shoddy chic style. Upcycled décor, vintage finds, distressed furniture and magnificently aged accessories are the crucial elements of the design, and they can be easily combined with more manly backdrops to develop a comfortable living room.

A shabby-chic-styled living-room with seaside, industrial and even simply farmhouse themes can appear far less feminine and it is an approach that will not alienate anybody at your house.

As a rule, this is a design that you can not easy ‘buy off the shelf’ and it will take numerous years of searching at antique shows and flea markets in your area together with some restored gems to sew together that ideal living room you want. Patience, an eye for the right stuff and a clear concept of the result you want to attain will make the journey even more much easier.

A Modern Twist

Perhaps what you prefer is a balance of the vintage with the contemporary, of the imperfect with the glossy and the upcycled with the latest discovers. If that is the case, then why not start off with subtle touches of shabby chic by presenting simply a couple of components from the style into your modern living-room?

One can start with a truly classic side table or an antique flower vase that has been in your household for generations.

From this modest start you will find the desire to switch over steadily from modern to shabby chic and for some this can rapidly get addicting.

Soon you will spend weekends sandpapering old benches, spray painting stuff to provide an aged look and owning to the nearest antique fair and investing an entire day there wishing to score an incredible design piece for that empty living room corner!

However someplace between all this, you will find that ideal balance in between contemporary and shabby stylish; a design that is both personal and useful.

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